Lee Health System is Facing Tough Issues

Over the next few years, Lee Health System will need to respond to growing and intensified competition for its most profitable patients. With his background, David Klein is particularly well suited to help management address key issues:

These are very important, near-existential questions that if not addressed will adversely affect the care we receive. 

David Klein at a Glance

  • Current Lee Health Directors want David on the board
  • Four-decade career leading numerous health care and health plan companies
  • Served as CEO of a multi-billion-dollar health plan company with almost 2 million members
  • Served as CEO of health care delivery system with over 140,000 patients
  • Knows governance
  • Knows Lee Health System and Lee County
  • Has track record of locally making a difference
  • Fills a void on the board as they face significant issues
  • Lee Health System needs him given its challenges